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41 days and counting ……


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is about the only thing I can say at the moment, its just crept up from nowhere and now there is only 41 days, 23 hours until we say I do!

Having arrange 100’s of destination weddings I can really understand why couples chose to get married overseas, it really is so easy and relaxing and stress-free! However, its the UK blessing and reception that is driving me round the bend!!  I know we have upset some people because we cant invite their grown up sons/daughters girlfriend of boyfriend that we have never met or friends that may have found a new partner by then so put us down for 2, eh NO, we are only having a select amount of friends and family that we know and that’s that!!!



Andy mentioned the other day that he wished we had just stuck with the Destination Wedding and not gone down the UK Blessing and reception – didn’t have the heart to say “I told you so”

Then there is the Bridesmaids and Flower-girls, we have a chief bridesmaid who is also coming overseas with us (she doesn’t like being called ‘Matron of Honour’) but in the UK we have another adult bridesmaid and 6 flower -girls, yes 6, well you cant pick one twin and not have the other and the same for god-daughters its just not fair if their elder sisters aren’t involved too, but then its sorting out who wears what and ensuring they fit, who carries what without hitting each other other with it, what hairgrips work with their hair etc, i’m glad that Millie is easy to deal with, she is our little Bichon Frise and will be the Dog of Honour in our UK celebration.


To be honest one of the parts I have enjoyed in this process is making things, I do love a bit of crafting and have made a number of decorations for our venue, including the collar above for Millie.  Honestly, if you give me a glue gun, some paper flowers and G&T and I’m a happy girl: I’ve spent many an evening wrapping twine around empty wine bottles, that we had happily drunk for this particular use to be used in our table decorations as well as Welcome Bags for our guests in resort, we’ve even been found in the garden making rustic benches out of pallets for our venue – think we will have to have a giant bootfair after the wedding as we have boxes and boxes of wedding things stored in my parents loft

so now it comes down to the final few weeks and a final check list to make sure we are on plan all of the below is sorted and that’s the main thing

  • Wedding Dress & Shoes
  • Grooms Suit & Shoes
  • Venue
  • Bar
  • DJ
  • Catering
  • Marryoke
  • Photographer
  • Hair & Make up
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Flowers

I’m just sorting out the Hen & Stag do’s now, that’s the problem with being a bit of a control freak you feel you have to do it all yourself – however don’t even get me started on that!!!


I still need to lose a stone but hey ho, apart from that i still don’t know if i’m stressed or chilled, one thing i know is never tell a bride-to-be to relax or she may just tell you want you can do with it!!!!!

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