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Why you should use a Travel Agent

January and February are very busy months in the life of a Travel Agent for people booking their holidays and we do have some amazing holiday bargains to be had in all our popular destinations.

However when I was networking the other week someone mentioned that one of their colleagues had seen the proposal I had sent him and asked what it was, he replied it was the the proposal for his holiday from his travel Travel Agent her colleague replied, “Oh do they still exist”!

So we have some up with 10 Reasons as to why you should use us as a travel agent compared to using the internet, strangely not more than 5 minutes before I had been reading an article from a USA agent, who had the same debate with a client.

Personally I could probably come up with a lot more than 10 …….. but these were to start with

1. You’ve Googled ” Caribbean  Holiday,” and come up with 17.8 million responses. Need a little help editing those choices?

2. Remember when you used that obscure website to book your hotel, and when you got there you spent your beach holiday overlooking the car park?

3. How many hours were you on hold with the airline when your flight was cancelled because of  snow?

4. Did you really mean to spend your honeymoon at that resort whose one tiny pool was filled all day with 12 screaming children?

5. Who knew that when you booked that “villa” in the Algarve,  it would be a small room with a kitchenette and no air conditioning? Funny, it looked much better on your computer screen.

6. No one explained to you that in July, it’s winter time in Rio, and so you showed up there with nothing but five Hawaiian shirts and three pairs of swimming trunks.

7. How about the time you really needed a restful holiday, and you ended up in New Orleans during Mardi Gras ?

8. Yes, I guess that hotel must have used a telephoto lens when they took a picture of those guest rooms that you saw on their website.

9. I suppose contacting the Attorney General to resolve the fact that that Internet site has billed your credit card three times instead of once is the only route to take at this point and you travelled without ATOL financial protection….

10. It was definitely odd that there were no cab drivers at the airport at 3 o’clock in the morning when you finally landed in Grenada, but booking a transfer to your very remote hotel would have been a good thing to remember when you purchased your airline ticket and hotel online.

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