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I pride myself on the service I offer

I take great pride in what I am booking for my customers. I am self employed and not on a salary and so the time spent on looking for your holiday is my own time.  I am paid commission from the suppliers and tour operators when you book and normally not until you have paid your balance or even gone on your holiday, so you can rest assured that I will endeavour to find you the best holiday I can to suit your requirements.

Chances are I am the same price as most operators and I often package the holiday myself to get the best deal. It just means I take care of it for you and you get the service I offer with it.

If I discount I am reducing my commission. I try to add value to your holiday but adding a room upgrade, private transfers or VIP lounges to enhance your holiday experience. 

This is my own business and I pride myself on the service I offer my customers and always being here for them. I love arranging my customers holidays and helping those who truly value the service I offer and understand the time and care I put in to finding them the right holiday.

I may sometimes be more than online, but this is not a like for like holiday, it’s a transaction and nothing more and I think I am worth that little more for that peace of mind, my knowledge, my care, my time and my contacts. Sometimes we all need to bet on ourselves and not undervalue our worth.

Every booking I make, that customer is supporting me and my dream of running my own independent travel agency rather than supporting an online big supplier who will never show gratitude that your booking means something to them.

If you would like me to help arrange your next holiday, please contact me 08009830075



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