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Honeymoon Quiz

Can’t decide what sort of honeymoon would suit you best? Take our quiz and find out your perfect honeymoon destination!

Which shoes are you most likely to find in your suitcase?

A. Comfy flats

B. Hiking boots

C. Stylish kitten heels

D. Flip flops

Other people describe you as…

A. Friendly

B. Adventurous

C. Sophisticated

D. Relaxed

What’s your ideal honeymoon meal?

A. A local speciality somewhere you can people-watch

B. Something exotic you’ve never tried before

C. A five-course meal in a swanky restaurant

D. A candlelit meal by the sea

Which of these films is your favourite?

A. Roman Holiday

B. Out of Africa

C. The Sex and the City Movie

D. Blue Hawaii

What’s most likely to be in the background of your photos?

A. A famous architectural landmark

B. The mountain you just climbed

C. A night time view of the city lights

D. A beautiful sunset over the water

Why did you choose your hotel?

A. It’s in the old quarter of town, near the cafés, churches and museums

B. It’s a good base for all the activities you want to do

C. It has five different restaurants, all with different cuisine

D. It has a swim-up bar and spa

What’s your perfect honeymoon drink?

A. The local wine

B. Bottled water

C. A Cosmopolitan

D. A piña colada

Apart from the obvious (!), what are you most looking forward to on your honeymoon?

A. Exploring the museums

B. Paragliding

C. Shopping in designer boutiques

D. Getting a tan

Describe your perfect beach…

A. One with a bustling promenade and lots of cafés

B. One with great surf and a scuba diving school

C. You’d prefer a pool with a bar

D. White sand, palm trees and no-one else around

What are you bringing home as a souvenir?

A. A trinket from the market

B. A red rock you picked up at the Grand Canyon

C. A designer handbag

D. A great tan

What’s your perfect honeymoon gadget?

A. A translator to help you communicate with the locals

B. A GPS and sat-nav,so you always know where you are

C. A digital camera for sightseeing

D. An iPod dock for sunbathing tunes

Mostly A’s – A cultural honeymoon

You want to learn, explore and embrace culture while on your honeymoon. Try locations with a rich history like Rome, Naples, Athens or Paris 

Mostly B’s – An adrenaline-fuelled experience

From zip-wiring in the jungle to wake boarding in the ocean, you’re an adrenaline junkie! Consider cycling in Canada, bungee-jumping in Australia or safari in Africa 

Mostly C’s – A stylish city break

Brooklyn Bridge at sunset viewed from Brooklyn Bridge park

A chic and stylish city is your ideal location, imagine sitting in a swanky bar or chic restaurant with a cocktail in hand.  Do it Sex and the City style in New York, Barcelona or Milan. 

Mostly D’s – A relaxing beach escape


After weeks of wedding planning, you just want a chilled-out break on the beach. Soak up the sun in Mauritius, Seychelles or the Maldives

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