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Choosing the right Destination for your Wedding

Have you decided on a Destination Wedding but no idea where to start?


Traditionally, destination weddings were thought of as island or tropical affairs. However, a destination wedding simply means you are travelling away from home to get married. The destination you choose could be a town or city where your family or ancestors were once rooted, a place you have always wanted to visit or somewhere that seems to be ideally suited to your big day. The possibilities are endless.


With a long background in Destination Weddings and having also planned my own Destination Wedding for 2017, here are a few tips to help you.

  1. Have you thought about where you would like the setting of your wedding to be –  historic, exotic, seaside, countryside etc?
  2. The style of wedding you would like to have – traditional, informal etc.
  3. The climate you would like for your wedding day.
  4. The time of year you would like your wedding to take place in – what will the weather conditions be like at that time of year? Is it peak holiday season?
  5. The average cost to get married in a particular country.
  6. The legal and residency requirements for getting married in a particular country – this is very important, Mexico requires a blood test to be done locally, not good if you are scared of needles!
  7. The size of the wedding you would like to have – is it important for you to be surrounded by family and friends on your wedding day or do you want an intimate affair? Remember, how far your guests will have to travel will affect how many people will be able to attend.
  8. A rough idea of how much you are looking to spend for the holiday and wedding and how much you are looking for your guests
  9. Never base your choices on your guests, they will either come or not, I was surprised by who and how many guests booked to come to ours
  10. Give them as much notice as possible, once you have decided the destination and month send out your Save the Date cards that give your guests an idea of where and when and allows them to start saving if they want to come


Try this with your partner

  1. Take out a piece of paper.  Give one to your other half too. Write down your top three requirements for your wedding experience. Do you prefer a barefoot vibe? Or did you always imagine yourself as a bride in a grand ballroom? Is a formal dinner your top priority or do you prefer to savour the local cuisine? Next, each of you should outline your ideal destination. Have you always wanted to get married in a tropical garden or are you all about the water? Does he absolutely need to be near a golf course? And are historic attractions important to you? Then whittle down your hotel needs: Is service the most important part of your equation? How about a spa or yoga? Do you absolutely insist on having a variety of restaurants and cuisines or is it more about the activities? You may also want to each put down three absolute deal breakers (it’s not family-friendly or the pool is small, for example).
  2. Compare your lists.  Highlight the similarities as a guide to choosing your ideal location. Much like couples and their weddings, countries, islands, states and resorts have distinct personalities. Some places are more action and adventure based than others, whist some have a vibrant party vibe. There are hotels that focus on amazing cuisine, while others highlight the spa. As with most decisions, start with the broad strokes (country or island, for example). Take into account travel time and accessibility for you and your guests.


I can help you – but the hardest part is really choosing the destination, once you have done that its all very easy and much more cost effective than a UK Wedding



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