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grand_anse_Beach grenada


If you are looking for an island that is a little less developed than many of the other Caribbean islands than Grenada is probably the place for you.  I fell in love with the island when I visited. Its perfect for those looking for good beaches and ocean views, and if you are a passionate foodie who loves to try new flavours,you will love some of the dishes served up on this cinnamon-scented island.

This sugar and spice island is perfect for spending lazy days in a hammock sipping on a nutmeg-infused rum punch. Life here is mellow, unrushed and fragrantly seasoned.  The island offers a range of low rise boutique hotels, laid-back living and a lush rainforest interior that opens out onto beautiful white beaches and the indigo waters of the Atlantic and the Caribbean. It’s home to heady hot springs, vividly scented markets, spice plantations, volcanic crater lakes and the striking Seven Sisters Falls.

You’ll taste organically grown cocoa, strong local rum and a medley of cuisine infused with nutmeg, bay leaves and ginger. And whilst the resort restaurants offer elegant fine dining, the local restaurant scene is low key, mostly made up of informal eateries with fantastic views, the menus augmented by the mouthwatering spices and fresh fruit available at every market.

If you’re simply looking to while away days on beautiful sun-soaked beaches, the iconic bay at Grand Anse is a huge draw, lying on the western side and perfectly sheltered from high waves and strong winds.

Useful Information

GMT                    -5 hrs
Flight Time           10.5hrs
Currency               Eastern Caribbean Dollar
Language              English