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Honeymoon Gift List

As a honeymoon specialist I often book couples that have been living together for several years and already have everything they need in the home, so a toaster or a set of towels really isn’t on top of their Wedding Gift list anymore.. So I offer a “Honeymoon Gift Service” Where your guests can contribute to the little extras that make your honeymoon special, A sunset cruise, or a candle-lit dinner on the beach, or maybe a spa treatment or two.. Or they can make contributions to the overall cost of the honeymoon, the choice is yours, it’s a free personal service that I offer. Your guests contact me to arrange your gift.

Romantic honeymoon, plan the perfect honeymoon

Also as a honeymoon specialist, it goes without saying that I will notify each hotel and airline and inform them you are on your honeymoon, Many hotels offer honeymoon discounts worldwide, so searching the web won’t generate these prices, you need the help of an expert and that’s why I’m here.

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I am very flexible with my working hours and with the stress of arranging a wedding the honeymoon can take a back seat. Your weekends together can be spent organising other things like Cars, Photographers, Caterers and the like. So if you can want to call me after hours if that’s more convenient for you, that’s fine. Most of my work is done via email, so after our initial consultation of what you both like and dislike in a holiday, I’ll get the ball rolling and get some ideas over and we work together to get that perfect match. Patience is my middle name, most honeymooners I find, want a few choices, they like to see the different places they can get for their hard-earned cash, and I can help and advice along the way.

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If you prefer to come and meet me then come along for a “Romance Meeting”.

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