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Help… only 90 days till the big Day!

As I write this have just 90 days, 23 hours and 45 minutes until our Destination Wedding in Mauritius.

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I’ve probably arranged 100’s of Destination Weddings myself and I have to admit that I did think that with all my knowledge and background I could probably arrange our own wedding with my eyes closed!

Ever since my first visit to the beautiful island of Mauritius I knew that was where I wanted to “tie the knot” this was actually about 6 years before I even met my fiancé, so he really didn’t have much of a say in the matter, but luckily he knew that it was really special to me, so persuading him was easy!

We knew first of all that some people would just not be able to come and celebrate with us however as long as our parents were there and a few friends we were happy.  We had to decide which one of the many hotels to actually share our special day, this was easy for Andy as every hotel I showed him he liked, however it was not as easy for me, as I had been lucky enough to see some amazing resorts/hotels on the island and I didnt want to upset any of the hotel managers.  We managed to narrow it down to 4 before making a list of pro’s and con’s for not just us but our wedding party, price was also a deciding factor as we were already expecting our guests to pay quite a bit to come over and spend their holiday with us.

So, decision made, flights were out of date range but we had it all booked along with our wedding party of 21 other guests.  We had a bit of a meltdown moment when I was told the sister hotel would be closing on our actual wedding day but I soon realised this may be a positive rather than a negative.

The one thing I used to tell Brides-to-be is to relax, the majority of the arranging is done when you arrive in resort and at the beginning I felt as though I should be doing something, anything! So, in the end I threw myself into arranging our After the Celebration Party for when we come home which has kept me out of trouble, however I am now so chilled and relaxed about our wedding that whilst the maid-of-honour, best man, mother of the bride and groom are all sorted I still have my dress to find!

So is this a blog of a stressed-out-bride-to-be or a totally chilled-bride-to-be, I’m not sure I know myself at the moment

But follow my journey on our countdown to our Big Day

Lesley & Andy

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