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76 days till the big Day

So there is now only 76 days 19 hours and 9 minutes until our Destination Wedding in Mauritius.

So what have I been up to since my last catch up?

One of the things you have to do for a wedding in Mauritius is have new copies of your birth certificates dates no earlier than 3 months prior to the wedding and so on the 1st March I applied for both of our new birth certificates, this can take up to 15 days but is a fairly easy process

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I’ve also been sourcing some welcome gifts for my guests both here and in resort

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Now some brides would have got their dress a year ago, but as you may have gathered i’m not most brides and so with less than 3 months to go I plucked up the courage to go out with my mum to look at some wedding dresses. I’d had a look back in December but life take over and I was just too busy.

Being in the industry and exhibiting at a number of wedding shows I had seen plenty of them but they all seemed  too weddingy (if that is the right word for it) or too slim or too young, all of the things I am not!

I thought that I knew the kind of dress I wanted but I certainly knew what I didn’t want and I didn’t want anything too heavy, strapless, tight, white or more than £500!  I wanted to feel like a bride and had visions of something A-line, maybe floaty with a tulle skirt – light and perfect for a destination wedding.  So appointment made off we went to the Wedding Dress Shop.

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So, a couple of dresses that I liked were picked out and it was off to the changing area with them, my mum also picked out one that she liked and the expert brought along another 5 or 6, first one to try on was the one that I thought was what i wanted; a lace top and tulle skirt which when I put it on I felt fantastic, a few got a straight NO even before we had done them up but we managed to narrow it down to 4 in the end, one of them was a lovely little off the peg dress that with a few alternations would have been ideal and in the sale was just £100!! So, even if your on a budget visit a wedding dress shop as you will be very surprised.

2 hours later – and after whittling it down to 2, we had made a decision – I had THE DRESS!!

So is this a blog of a stressed-out-bride-to-be or a totally chilled-bride-to-be, I’m not sure I know myself at the moment

But follow my journey on our countdown to our Big Day

Lesley & Andy

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